What is the difference between RF80-K and Superseder?

The basic difference is that RF80-K is CE approved for technician and workshop safety, Superseder is not. RF80-K charges one battery at a time. The Superseder will charge (but not discharge) two batts at a time.

However, most CMM’s do not recognize charging two batts in series. Most CMM’s state something to the effect “charge the battery” not “charge the batteries”.

When charging in series you cannot be certain that each battery is receiving equal charge current, there is now way to tell.

The RF80-K will also allow for ReFLEX pulse charging of Marathon batteries, Superseder will not.

Superseder is low volume production, just about every one that comes off of the production line is a slightly different configuration. It’s hard to get correct replacement parts.

RF80-K has national stock number (NSN) see data sheet attached, meaning tested and approved for US military service. Superseder does not have military qualification with NSN.

Most airlines and high volume shops use Christie.

To Purchase a RF80-K:

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