28V DC Aircraft GPU – The Tronair Advantage

  1. SCR system – reacts much faster to sudden inrush of current, especially during a start
  2. Closed loop voltage control – very steady consistent power, less than 0.2 V RMS ripple, without any dips or fluctuations in voltage under varying loads, newer aircraft are very sensitive to ripple, noise and harmonics, exceeds the MIL-STD-704 requirement
  3. One Transformer – helps keep system in balance
  4. Large 25kva transformer – more power for high amperage engine starting and less losses in steady state conditions
  5. More value for your dollar – start all aircraft and run the air conditioning
  6. We use two printed circuit boards to control the entire unit – one board controls the SCR ring and the other controls the unit voltage and current
  7. Our unit uses a thermocouple temperature probe in the main system transformer to control a variable speed cooling fan system – keeps the unit cooler and quiet – it only comes on as needed
  8. Long lasting control panel LED lamps – LED’s also act as fault code indicators for easy troubleshooting
  9. Easy input voltage selection on the main transformer – factory setup and easy to put into service
  10. GPU uses an emergency stop shunt-trip main input circuit breaker for the emergency shutdown system – improves safety
  11. Output contactor – safety, preview applied voltage, can’t drain aircraft batteries when off
  12. Output monitoring, warning, and shutdown including noti cation
  13. Outlet that matches local power – standard
  14. 20 ft DC output cable
  15. Safety controller monitors input and output voltages, phases, temperatures, and currents
  16. Current limiting (soft start) and current limit adjustment – standard
  17. 115VAC (220V international version) 20A receptacle – standard
  18. Shipping container – standard
  19. Built for indoor and outdoor use – standard
  20. Casters are designed for easy movement – standard

Available Model Numbers:

  • 112860S0100 – 60 HZ Voltage – 50′ Input Cable
  • 112860S0200 – 60 HZ Voltage – 100′ Input Cable
  • 112850S0100 – 50 HZ Voltage – 50′ Input Cable
  • 112850S0200 – 50 HZ Voltage – 1000′ Input Cable
  • 112860D0100 – 60 HZ Voltage – 50′ Input Cable – Dual Output

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